The World Cup gives a boost to businesses around the globe in many different forms by generating employment and lots of sales of all kinds of accessories world-cup related. Not to mention the number of journalists, photographers, cameramen, all kinds of professionals involved in the millionaire-deal broadcasting industry of this worldwide event that mobilizes millions of fans everywhere.

One of the businesses that heavily invests in financial return in a very timely manner is the advertisement world. In Brazil, the theme of the moment is heavily used in every single commercial, brochure, banner, billboard throughout the country. Big sports names like Nike, Adidas, Coke, Pepsi, explore master soccer moves and swing of the best players in the world.

This Pepsi ad is an example of mixing culture aspects of this world cup in Africa with fans and their love for soccer. And, of course, the underlying message of the drink they sell. Anyhow, a great commercial worth watching. Kaká, one of our best players known all over the world, is one of the commercial’s stars:

Brazil x Argential Rivalry

Argentina has just won its first match against Nigeria. I don’t know if you have the dimension of the soccer rivalry between Brazilians and Argentinians. It’s historical, and we can’t help it!

Generally, when Argentina is playing, we cheer for its opponent. Why? Though we’re South American neighbors, we love each other’s countries, and have much in common culturally speaking, we fear each other. We know how good Argentinians are. They have a similar game, they know how to swing, what we call in Portuguese “Ginga“. They have “Ginga“, a special way of dribbling, a kind of swing typical of our players. So, fear leads to constant rivalry, I would say. Well, all that to say that during the World Cup, our best commercials are related to this rivalry. This year, there’s a beer brand here, Skol, that has all kinds of funny commercials with our friends-loved-hated-neighbors Argentinians.

This one is advertising a can that “speaks” when you open it. You have to be lucky to find one of those. The sales of this beer has tremendously increased, and Brazilians are even willing to pay more to try to find one of those “latinhas falantes” (speaking cans).

And Coke’s “celebrate your way” gives us a historical view on how we celebrate our victories:

Finally, a fun video of a food company in Brazil. In the middle, you see Robinho, one of our very popular Brazilian players. However, Ganso and Neymar were not drafted by Dunga, our National Team coach, to go to South Africa. No wonder I haven’t seen this ad on TV lately…Business bets have their own flaws. Not always World Cup means money. There can be losses, as well.

More on the World Cup after Brazil’s game début in this World Cup tomorrow. I truly hope to share with you our celebration here on the streets of Brasilia.

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