Petya, a Bulgarian living in the USA, just posted about what she loves about Bulgarians:

What I really like about Bulgarians is our complete disregard for personal space: we are nosy neighbors, tell people how to raise the children, take a lot of group trips, talk to our parents several times a week, show up uninvited, pick fruit off any tree that’s within our reach. When I am in Bulgaria, I feel very connected. I love that.

We got chatting about it, and decided it would be cool to hear your answers too. We know you’re an international bunch, so tell us:

What do you really like about your country?

And if you’re an expat:

What do you really like about your adoptive country?

I’ll go first: This poster – keep calm and carry on – sums up one thing I really like about Britain. The dog ate your lunch? Your house just collapsed? The financial system is 30 minutes away from meltdown? Keep calm and get on with your life. The first part of ‘carrying on’ usually involves making a cup of tea.

Over to you – leave a comment, write a post, or tell us on Twitter or Facebook. We’ll post the answers next week.

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