A Touch Of Dutch is an expat account of living in The Netherlands, maintained by Isabella. She is an American lady and her blog seeks to offer an interesting take on living an expat life and learning a new language.

The blog covers varied topics, particularly the differences in the American and Dutch culture. My favorite post is the one where the supermarkets in Holland are compared extensively to the ones in America. An excerpt from this entry :

When I first came to the Netherlands, I had the impression that all Dutch supermarkets were 7-Eleven-sized. It was because my then-nearby supermarket was a corner market in Amsterdam, and I never had the time to go anywhere else. Then we relocated to Small Town, NL where I found larger supermarkets. A larger variety which was sufficient-enough to fill my needs, but at the time most still seemed smaller somehow..”

How much smaller? Check out the rest of the post to find out.

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An Indian expat in the Netherlands, Arwa Lokhandwala is a freelance writer, writing on travel, culture and expat related issues. A voracious reader, a curious traveler, and an amateur photographer, she has featured in a number of online publications including the Lonely Planet. She loves people, colors, festivals, and cultures. Read about her expat tales and travel adventures on her blog - Orangesplaash.