A Swedish American in Sweden
is a blog written in English by a Swedish-American who was born in Sweden, raised in the US and who is currently living in Sweden to explore his roots.

His posts are informative, interesting and useful for anyone interested in learning about Swedish society. If you are planning on moving to Sweden for a long period of time, his posts will give you a great deal of insider information.

‘Hairy Swede’ (as he calls himself)¬†focuses on different aspects of living in Sweden including topics such as the culture shock of moving from the States to Sweden, how to learn the Swedish language, finding accomodation, or tips to find a job or make Swedish friends.

Tack så mycket (thank you very much) for this very interesting blog!

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About the author

Marta Garcia grew up in Barcelona, Spain, and has also studied in Belgium and the UK. She works as a professional translator, translating English, French and Italian into Spanish and Catalan.