If you have eagle eyes, you might have spotted that recently some of our posts have been tagged ‘blogsherpa’. That’s because for the last few months PocketCultures has been part of Lonely Planet’s world travel blogger programme, called BlogSherpa.

All the bloggers in the programme have been approved by Lonely Planet and as you might expect they are an interesting bunch. Some write about varied travel experiences, others concentrate on a specific part of the world. During the next few weeks we’ll be interviewing some of them over on Blogs of the World so please check back for that.

Back to the tag… posts that we tag with ‘blogsherpa’ also appear on Lonely Planet’s site, on the relevant country page. We’ve even made the front page a couple of times, with Arwa’s post on The Dutch Way and Kitty’s post on Khao Chae.

Over the last couple of weeks it’s been amazing to watch this group evolve into a lively and active community full of great ideas for collaboration. One of those ideas was to collect all our feeds in one place. So, for more travel stories from Lonely Planet’s selected bloggers check out the World Travel Squidoo lens. Hope you enjoy it!

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