Inevitably, the research for my upcoming Iceland-trip led to reading and following Icelandic blogs – so I’ll use this opportunity to present some of the best blogs from the North Atlantic. For starters I’ve chosen the blog of Iceland itself, or to be more precise, the blog of Iceland wants to be your friend, a social media campaign initiated by the Icelandic tourist board.


In my opinion this is one of the nicest campaigns of recent years, and it enables you to befriend Iceland almost anywhere online, be that on Twitter, Flickr or Facebook – or on its own blog, where guest authors, both visitors and locals (like Annie Atkins, for example) write about their experiences on and with the Island. Have a look and become a friend.

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Marcel is a German expat living in Ireland and working for an online company with a colourfull logo. He loves doing stuff with words, and did not go to school to learn this. He likes Heavy Metal and trains and dislikes many other things. He is so old he still buys CD’s, but has not yet caught up with the idea of becoming an adult.