The German Way Expat Blog is a really usefull source of information for English-speaking expats (and those planning to become such) on the going-ons in all German-language countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

Created as part of the German Way website, entries are written by webmaster Hyde Flippo and co-bloggers Geoff Galitz, Sarah Fürstenberger, and Jane Park; all are expats living in Germany.

To gain insight on the way expats experience everyday-life in Germany and all other German-language countries, this blog is a really good read. I’d also recommend it for native Germans (and Austrians and Swiss for that matter) who are interested in a different view on their country.

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About the author

Marcel is a German expat living in Ireland and working for an online company with a colourfull logo. He loves doing stuff with words, and did not go to school to learn this. He likes Heavy Metal and trains and dislikes many other things. He is so old he still buys CD’s, but has not yet caught up with the idea of becoming an adult.