We’ve been having some problems which meant we couldn’t post for the last few days. So here is last week’s Food of the World post, a bit late but hopefully not too late!

Thanks very much to prondis_in_Kenya for sharing these photos of a festive lunch to celebrate Mandaraka Day, which is a national holiday in Kenya.

Lentil stew


The menu was lentils and chapatis. Prondis wrote: “Kenyan chapatis differ from their Indian forebears and counterparts in that they are much bigger, and are made with fat. It is a lot of work to make chapatis… they are ideal for special occasions!”

Hope you enjoyed this. If you did, check out our Food of the World photo group on Flickr to see more photos posted by PocketCultures readers around the world. We’d love to see yours too! Just join the group and add your photos.

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