Italy is responsible for a lot of iconic transportation options. It’s the country that created Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. Maybe one of the best known and cutest icons is the Fiat 500 which you can still see around and about on many Italian streets.

Iconic Italian car

If you’re looking for two wheeled options, the most stylish way to get around is the Vespa. Now sold in more than 60 countries around the world, the Vespa is another staple of Italian transport.


Italy’s roads can get pretty busy, especially in the summer when everyone heads for the coast at the weekends. And any Italian will tell you that even though Italians are laid back about most aspects of life, when they get on the roads everyone is in a hurry.

Sometimes the rules go unnoticed as well – check out this cheeky piece of parking – right in front of a divieto di sosta (parking forbidden) sign.

Cheeky parking

Trains in Italy range from the super modern Eurostar to regional trains like this one:

Italian train

Italians like to complain that their trains don’t run on time, however Trenitalia’s passenger charter is aiming for 90% trains to arrive undelayed.

Finding a parking space in Italian cities is not easy. This is one reason the Smart car, which is small enough to park head on facing the kerb, has been a hit there. If you don’t have a Smart or a scooter the bus is a good option, although it might be difficult to work out which bus stop you need to wait at in busy places. You also need to remember to buy your ticket before you get on the bus as the driver will not sell you one.

waiting for the bus in Rome

Once you’re on, sit back, relax and enjoy some people-watching.

Italian bus

Credits: All photos borrowed with permission from Rome Photo Blog.

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