UKTV recently took a survey of British people to discover their favourite recipes.

Maybe not surprisingly half of the recipes are foreign, but we think the British versions deserve to be defined as British dishes in their own right. Apparently, the new-found kitchen adventurousness of the British people is thanks to the influence of celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith.

Below is the list of Britain’s 10 favourite foods.

1. Spaghetti Bolognese

Originally from Italy, ‘spag bol’ has acquired a uniquely British taste of its own. According to the survey, 6 out of 10 British people can cook spaghetti bolognese without a recipe.

Image credit: Living to Eat!

2. Roast dinner

Good old meat and two veg is still high on the list.

Image credit: The Doughracle

3. Chili con carne

More foreign inspiration, this time from Mexico.

Image credit: Kittens in the Kitchen

4. Lasagne

Unlike in Italy, where there is only one recipe for lasagne, Brits feel free to mix it up with different variations on traditional lasagne – vegetables, meat, lentils and even fish!

Image credit: Dinner Diary

5. Cottage or shepherd’s pie

An old favourite – minced beef (for a cottage pie) or lamb (for a shepherd’s pie) with mashed potato on top.

Image credit: Dinner Diary

6. Meat or fish stir-fry

The origins are Chinese, but you won’t find anything like this in China.

Image credit: Dinner Diary

7. Beef casserole

Casseroles have made a comeback in British cooking and now feature on the menu of many gastropubs

Image credit: Dinner Diary

8. Macaroni cheese

Comfort food at its best. The macaroni are Italian, the sauce is pure British.

Image credit: Kitchen Monkey

9. Toad in the hole

Sausages in a type of batter called Yorkshire pudding. There are many theories, but no-one really knows where the name comes from.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

10. Meat, fish or vegetable curry

Loosely based on Indian cuisine, the ‘curry’ is now a staple in the British kitchen. As a proof, it can even be served with chips.

Image credit: A Brit’s dish a day

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