Kunsthaus Tacheles (Tacheles Art House) was once a grand department store in the old Jewish Quarter of East Berlin.

After the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 many buildings in East Berlin were left empty. The Tacheles building was waiting to be demolished until squatters moved in.

Digital art from Ima Pico, a former Tacheles artist

The new inhabitants made the building into a centre for art and it became an international tourist attraction. It now includes 31 workshops used by artists and musicians from 23 different countries. There is also a cinema, theater, bar and restaurant.

Now the arts centre is threatened as its owners want to turn the building into an apartment block. The artists are fighting back though – they have a plan to regroup as an official foundation and support themselves with money from the ground floor Cafe Zapata.

The future of the building has inspired a lot of news stories – for a photo tour of Tacheles take a look here (Guardian) and here (BBC)


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