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From our contributors: 19 July

Another week, another roundup of articles posted by our contributors on their blogs with subjects ranging from prehistoric cave paintings in India to Ocean Day in Japan.


Anu, our contributor from India, visits the prehistoric cave paintings of Anegundi. These fascinating paintings provide a glimpse into the life of our Neolithic ancestors.

“Imagine living like our ancestors, having to struggle for every meal, every piece of covering, even for a roof over the head, not to mention the dangers lurking around every corner! And yet they persevered, though it took centuries for things to change, for them to evolve!”


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Everyday Melbourne

Everyday Melbourne is a daily photography blog by Nisanart. She has lived in Melbourne for the last 10 years, working both full-time and as a freelance artist. As the tag line indicates, her blog offers a perspective of the city “by Asian eyes”. Nisanart’s says:

“I confessed, I walked on Burke street Mall so many times, I’ve never notice there is Union Lane runs between Bourke Street and Little Collins Street…since I started this blog, I learn more about Melbourne.”

From graffitied lane ways to grocery stalls, her photos reflect how the people of Melbourne continue to influence the city’s appearance. And her passion for exploring the inner city suburbs really resonated with me as I prepare to return home to Melbourne.

During our email chat, Nisanart highlighted Melbourne’s multicultural population as an aspect that enhances her life in the city. She described Australia as “a society of people from a rich variety of cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious backgrounds”.

A typical day for her is “unexpected” so she carries her camera at all times to capture moments like her favourite photo below – St Kilda pier after sunrise.

When asked about the best parts of living in Australia she chose the “great sport and great coffee”, and provided these local recommendations on the city of Melbourne:

1. Federation Squarewhere “something is going on almost every weekend;

2. St Kilda because it’s a “cosmopolitan, cool beachside suburb”; and

3. Brunswick Street, Fitzroy which “best reflects Melbourne’s bohemian culture”.

Although this blog began as a way to record her personal journey before moving to Thailand to retire, she also provides links and historical facts on the city. Check out her blog and explore Melbourne through Asian eyes.

All photos in this post are by Nisanart.

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Scenes from Christchurch

Thanks to daily photo blogs, internet travellers can get a peek at cities all over the world with just one click. One of these cities is Christchurch, the biggest city in New Zealand’s South Island.

Christchurch is a picturesque city and, with its old buildings and the river Avon running through, some think it looks like a town you’d find in England. But it’s not all flower gardens and punting on the river as you can see from this blog called Christchurch Photo Diary. Life in Christchurch is depicted through daily photos about anything and everything that is going on.

Old and New Cashel Mall
Old and New Cashel Mall by Christchurch Photo Diary

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