Another week, another roundup of articles posted by our contributors on their blogs with subjects ranging from prehistoric cave paintings in India to Ocean Day in Japan.


Anu, our contributor from India, visits the prehistoric cave paintings of Anegundi. These fascinating paintings provide a glimpse into the life of our Neolithic ancestors.

“Imagine living like our ancestors, having to struggle for every meal, every piece of covering, even for a roof over the head, not to mention the dangers lurking around every corner! And yet they persevered, though it took centuries for things to change, for them to evolve!”


Mike, our contributor from Okinawa, created a photo essay to celebrate Umi No Hi (海の日), Japan’s Ocean Day. Through stunning images and captions, Mike tells us why the ocean is so important for his adopted country and himself.

“For others, [the ocean]  isn’t for relaxation.  It is a matter of survival.  Get some fish or go home hungry.”


Carmen, our contributor from Romania, posted a photo taken at the International Living Statues Festival held in Bucharest.


Ana, contributing editor from Argentina, posted a photo essay on an Argentinean country town called Carlos Keen

Carlos Keen is known for its restaurants and is an ideal place to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon ambling about, checking out the goods at the arts and crafts fair, and cleansing your lungs with fresh country air.


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