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Picture Postcards: The Great Outdoors in New Zealand

Waiheke Island
This week we begin a series of photos of the “Great Outdoors” around the world. To start, here is my son skipping stones on Waiheke Island, in the Hauraki Gulf, in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Picture Postcards: “Thai” writing in New Zealand

faux Thai writing

Something I find fascinating is when people use their own language but try to write it as if it is another one. Here is an example of some English on a packet of herbs from a New Zealand supermarket that is written to look like Thai.

See some actual Thai writing:
Bangkok, Thailand Shopfront
Street Scene in Bangkok
Back to Bangsaen

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Picture Postcards: Children writing in Auckland, New Zealand

Our new topic on Picture Postcards is writing. Here are some school children from Auckland practising their numbers outside the classroom.

Children’s books in Auckland
Library in a Container in Auckland
New Zealand Languages

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The postcard swap project

A while ago, Pocket Cultures managing editor Lucy organized a postcard swap and many contributors joined in. the idea was to send a postcard of pour hometown or country. Since I don’t live in a touristy part of town, and Dallas is not that touristy anyway, I couldn’t find any postcards. So I decided to make my own, all except one. I cut up images that represent Dallas and Texas and pasted them on a piece of card.

I went to a Kinko’s to mail them instead of the post office. The shop assistant was young enough to be my son. He picked up one postcard, turned it around in his hand and asked what it was. “It’s a postcard,” I said. “Oh, really? Cool!” “I guess you’re too young for those.”

I got one postcard from Marie from New Zealand with a cool looking Gandalf stamp. Kia ora, Marie! (more…)

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Picture Postcards: The sky in New Zealand

Beautiful sky today

Our new topic on Picture Postcards is “Skies of the World” so look forward to seeing lots of photos from around the world of the thing we all have in common. This shot was taken from in front of my house here in Auckland, New Zealand.

A Free Library in Auckland
Water Walking in New Zealand
Babies in New Zealand

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Picture Postcards: Children’s cultural book section in an Auckland library

Public library children's cultural books section

I snapped this photo in a local library here in Auckland, New Zealand because it reminds me of when I was a child and would check out all the books in this section, one by one (and then a second time).

More about literacy, books and writing:
Book recommendations from around the world
Author Tash Aw on Moving to China and the South Asian Novel
LX Factory in Lisbon

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