About PocketCultures

PocketCultures is an independent, not for profit website which aims to increase connections, awareness and understanding between different cultures.

We believe that one culture is not better than another, but all cultures have differences and it’s good to be aware of them when you meet people from different places.

The best way to learn about life in different countries is to go there and see for yourself, talk to people from that country. Why? The view from the inside is often quite different to what you see from the outside.

However travelling abroad is not always possible. PocketCultures provides a place where you can go to find out about what life is really like in different countries that you haven’t travelled to, and hopefully to find even more information, and join in the discussion about countries you have visited.

The site consists of 3 different sections:

Topics of the World
Here we publish articles and links about specific aspects of world cultures. Cultures is a vague word, so we decided to break it down into topics such as food, clothing, music, language… – anything relating to the culture of a particular country.

Blogs of the World
Here we feature high quality, well written blogs from different countries. They may be written by locals or expats, but all are accounts from people living in a particular country. So instead of reading a third party view, you can read it from people who experience the country first hand.

People of the World
Real life stories and interviews from all kinds of people around the world, especially those living across cultures: cross-cultural relationships, multicultural families, living abroad, global perspectives. Anybody can contribute to this section – please write to us if you have a story you would like us to publish, or if you would like to be interviewed.

PocketCultures is a group blog, and we are looking for regional contributors who can share insights about their country and culture. If you are interested in participating please look at this page on how to apply.

Meet the PocketCultures team here.

One more thing – at PocketCultures we are passionate about learning about other countries and cultures. The aim behind the website is to increase understanding and make connections between people in different places. For this reason, we have chosen not to include political discussions at the moment. We want to concentrate on finding common ground, not disagreement.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy it!

(last updated 22nd June 2012)