Ruchi Kaur, a design professional in New Delhi, has one major goal: to introduce the globe to the culture of Assam. Feeling the media constantly portrayed her homeland in a negative light, Ruchi, along with a photographer and IT specialist, set out to change Assam’s reputation. Her new blog, Sinaki: The Familiarity Project, includes stories of heroes, celebrations, and beautiful orchids.

I recommend the Sights & Sounds page for some stunning photography. Sinaki, while written in English, does include Assamese within some of the art and Assamese phrases written with English characters to help us all read and pronounce the language.

1. Where do you live, and where are you from?

I currently reside in New Delhi, India. I was born and brought up in Dibrugarh District of Assam, North-East India.

2. Can you tell us why you began this blog?

Writing has always come across to me as a natural phenomenon. I believe that the pen is mightier than the sword. It’s one of the best tools to express my views.

The idea behind the concept ‘SINAKI’ started a year ago.

Assam and, in general, the North-East of India has always been highlighted by the media in a very negative spirit. Militant urgencies in Assam make cover page stories and headlines while the most amazing of things never get a forefront. I personally have come across people from the rest of India who do not even know about the culture that exists. It’s because they never cared to go and see what lies in that land. Promotions for the state have not been successful enough to bring about the positivity. Its a small place with a big heart. All that is needed is acceptance. This is only possible if the differences are abolished. This is my reason of familiarising Assam. So that not just India but the world gets to see unexplored beauty.

Plus, I believe that one should repay to that land that gave a person life and living. SINAKI is a way of paying tribute to the land.

3. What is one thing you would like everyone to learn about Assam?

‘Joi Aai Axom’ (pronounced as joey-aaii-okhom) means ‘ long live Assam’.
Come visit Assam once, you will learn everything about it. It’s the second ‘God’s own land’

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