Brazilian Paradise

March 27, 2012 4 comments ,

As a Brazilian, I´d highly recommend Tropicaldaydreams blog for the ones interested in Brazilian culture and life.

This is an excellent blog about Brazil that goes deep into some issues such as cultural differences, economic issues in Brazil, as well as in-depth reflections on Brazil´s problems, such as incarceration. The author, Barbara Lowenstein, has lived with her husband in Brazilian paradise, Búzios, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, for a decade. So, she brings to her blog a fresh expatriate view of the country with an insider perspective. This is a blog that has much to contribute to understanding what Brazil is about, demystifying stereotypes and getting to a more solid view of the country´s beauties and socio-economic challenges.

Photo from Barbara’s own collection.

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  • It sounds as a very interesting blog. Thanks for introducing it to us!

  • Sounds interesting! Worth checking out what she has to say about the giant of South America :)

  • Thanks so much, Carla, for featuring my blog here on Pocket Cultures! I’m tickled pink! And I’m finding Pocket Cultures a fascinating way to explore the world and learn about the experiences of other expats. Beijos!

  • Dear Deebee and Aledys, I´m glad you´ve enjoyed our featured blog. It really depicts well who we are and how we live.

    Barbara, it is PocketCultures pleasure to feature a blogger who deeply understands and explores the nuances of such a rich culture as the Brazilian. Thanks for doing it!