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Fearless pigeons in Cismigiu Park
Fearless pigeons in Cismigiu Park (photo credit: Carmen Cristal)

Sandra, our contributor from Portugal, continues her A-Z of the Netherlands with C is for Children, where she shares her impressions on Dutch children and parenting styles.

On 14 February 2007, the United Nations considered the Dutch children the happiest in the world. On December of the same year I arrived in the Netherlands. Let me share with you my first impressions on Dutch children.

Carmen, our contributor from Romania, posted photos of the pigeons of Cismigiu Park in Bucharest.
These are no  scenes from the Birds of L. Hitchcock. Everything happens in Bucharest.
Heavy snow fallen this February made wild pidgeons in Cismigiu Park be very hungry. They eat directly from the people‘s hands, without fear.

DeeBee, our contributor from France, wrote an article about the Baroque religious style in France.

The Baroque is the style of the Counter-Reformation, the reactive movement generated by the Church of Rome in order to reduce and annihilate Protestantism which had been introduced by Henry IV.
The Calvinist king converted to Catholicism before his accession to the throne in 1589 to end the bloody Wars of Religion. He was assassinated in 1610.


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