Do Indians like to be alone when upset?

Test your cultural expertise with our weekly quiz question. This week’s question is from India.

If an Indian is upset about something, he or she would like to have some time alone.

True or False?

Are you from India? Leave a comment to tell what you would do!

Last week we asked whether or not it’s easy to learn about business and social customs in Malaysia. Here’s the answer:

False. Malaysia is a great mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian people each with their own set of norms. However, the prospering business economy has made cooperation and protocol somewhat common and therefore made basic social behavior more manageable for the foreign visitor.

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  • Derbyshire granny


  • No, Lucy,,, i dont think so…. of course, there are certainly indians who would like to be alone when upset, but in general, people like to have others around them especially at bad times… and dont understand how and why someone would want to be alone. It sometimes does feel like an intrusion, but most people here genuinely believe that they are helping out by being with a person who is upset.