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September 2, 2010 4 comments ,

Kazakh Nomad shows ‘A Westerner’s view of Kazakhstan’. It’s written by American teacher who would like to help other Westerners understand more about Kazakhstan and its history, traditions and culture.

There’s a lot of reading here for anyone who wants to get to know Kazakhstan. You could start with these photo posts: Kazakh faces, Kazakh costumes and yurts.

Next, discover the meanings behind some Kazakh names and proverbs. By now you might be planning your trip. Make your mind up with these recommendations from Kazakh students on why you should visit Almaty. And if you can’t make it, console yourself with the abundance of other facts and opinions you’ll find on Kazakh Nomad.

Thanks to KZ Blog for recommending this site.

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  • Kazakhstan is a place I’ve always wanted to visit. I’ll definitely be having a look at this blog:-)

  • Just set aside a few hours of reading time first! There are a bunch of recent posts by Kazakh teachers that are really interesting too.

    I’d love to visit Kazakhstan too. Hope we’ll both manage it one day.

  • don’t forget chrismerriman.com

    I got a lot… scratch that. TONNES of good information on his site before visitng and omg I can’t wait to go back next year!!!

  • Thanks for the recommendation!