Getutza lives in Campulung Moldovenesc, a small, calm town in a mountain region of Romania. She is a timid person who has discovered that blogging can help her overcome her shyness. Here is her story:

Hello Getutza, thank you for accepting to give this interview to Pocket Cultures. What can you tell our readers about you?

I‘m 48 years old. Some time ago I was pensioned for medical reasons, after I had been working as a chemical operator in the lab of a geological prospecting plant. At present, I live alone in Campulung Moldovenesc. My parents passed away and my brother is living in another town.

Getutza in the Ciprian Porumbescu museum

Have you been living in this town, Campulung Moldovenesc since you were a child? Please tell us a little about your hometown and the touristic attractions of the region.

I was born in Campulung Moldovenesc and have always lived there. The town is located at the root of Rarau Mountains. It is an important link point for many touristic itineraries in Bucovina and especially for visiting the painted monasteries of Voronet, Humor, Vatra Moldovitei, Sucevita, Dragomirna and Putna, famous mediaeval architecture monuments. We have touristic attractions in Campulung too. For example the Wood Art Museum (Muzeul “Arta Lemnului”); “Ion Tugui” Wood Spoons Collection (Colectia de linguri de lemn “Ion Tugui”) unique in Europe due to its diversity; and the “Ioan Gramada” Ethnografic Museum (Muzeul Etnografic “Ioan Gramada”).

Campulung Moldovenesc is at the foot of the Rarau mountains

How do people spend an ordinary day in Campulung Moldovenesc?

For other people an ordinary day in a small town like Campulung Moldovenesc could look boring. Certainly not! The people here have plenty to do in a workday. In summer they usually wake up at around 5 a.m. and in winter at around 6 a.m. They feed the animals, then clean the stables and milk the sheep and the cows. Then follows the milk distribution and other seasonal work in their households. In summer, making and shocking the hay. In winter, spinning the wool, knitting and weaving.

Do you like to travel and meet new people ? What other hobbies do you have?

Travelling is my pleasure. Last year I took part in all six excursions organized within “Travelling outside the barriers” programme, developed by Orizonturi Foundation. I’ve enjoyed being with my colleagues and friends from the foundation, but also to meet new people in the places we visited. At the same extent, I am interested in listening to music and reading. I’m listening especially to music of the 80’s and I read with great pleasure both Marin Preda, my favourite Romanian writer and foreign writers like Louis Bromfield (with “The Rains Came”).

Herghelia Lucina

Where did you find out about Orizonturi Foundation and how have you decided to start a blog?

During my first hospitalizations I’ve participated in “Edelweiss” Literary Group meetings within the organization (which, at that time, had a small room inside the hospital). That’s how I met those from Orizonturi Foundation. Later I started to participate in other activities and programmes of the foundation. At first I didn’t have any computer abilities. The invitation to “Blogging the Dream” Programme has been a challenge for me. I’ve learnt Computer Operating Basics, surfing the Internet, using Social Media and how to start a blog. For me, the blog is a way of expressing myself and to show off my feelings more easily than if I were to speak to people directly. Even if writing is not my strong point, I try to share with my readers at least some of my thoughts, worries, but also some of my joys.

Why did you name it “Singuratate” (Loneliness) ?

I’ve named my blog “Singuratate” (Loneliness) because loneliness is my deepest feeling. I strongly believe there are a lot of people in this world who feel the same thing, who live alone, isolated, without friends or close people to visit them and tell them words of encouragement. I’ve wanted to suggest all these through the title of my blog. Maybe those who understand its meaning and share the same feeling, will contact me. And so we could get loneliness out of our lives.

Getutza playing piano

Which is the best thing that has happened to you since you have started blogging? Could you say that blogging has changed your life ?

The idea of starting a blog has attracted me in my attempt to beat my shyness, to fight with my loneliness, to do something new and interesting. I come with great pleasure at Bloggers’ Club, glad to meet my friends and to “discover” the mysteries and the benefits of a virtual world. I’ve succeeded a little to overcome my shyness and I can say that, to a certain extent, blogging has changed my life.

What is your opinion about PocketCultures, site which “aims to provide a guide to world cultures”?

PocketCultures is an interesting and educative initiative. It enables you to find out things you don’t usually read in newspapers or see on TV. Ordinary people speak about their everyday life, customs and traditions, as they know and respect. Information comes straight from the source; that’s why, besides authenticity, they also have a certain “flavour”. On PocketCultures you can find people and things you couldn’t ever find out, maybe.

You have a real passion for cooking. Would you like to share with our readers one of your favourite Romanian recipes?

As any genuine “Bucovina Woman” I have a passion for cooking and especially for preparing cakes. “Sarmalute cu urda” is one of my favourite recipes. Here it is:

½ kg green cheese
2 middle onions, sliced
1 cup of rice
1 bunch of dill, chopped up
salt & pepper
200 g chopped bacon

You saute the sliced onions in a small quantity of oil, then, after 3-4 minutes you add the rice and you cook them together until the rice is soft.

Take the pan off the fire and add the chopped dill and the green cheese, salt and pepper and mix them well. Then add the chopped bacon (previously fried for 3-4 minutes in a pan).

With a spoon you take small quantities of this composition and roll them in boiled patience or beetroot leaves. Bon appetit!

I‘ve noticed you haven‘t been posting lately. Still, will you carry on?

I don’t own a PC and I do my computer work either at the Club or at one of my friends, when it’s possible. Moreover, I spend a lot of time with my hobby, the cakes. Together with one of my neighbours I prepare cakes for special events…

Special thanks for making this interview possible to Lucy Chatburn, David Sasaki, Gabriela Tanasan and Getutza Mindrila. All photos are part of Getutza‘s personal album.

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