Looking for genuine Romanian food?

Lately, Bio (organic) and Homemade Bucharest fairs are actually ”invaded” by urban people in search of genuine food.

Why? Yummy – it’s easy to understand just looking at these photos!

Homemade cheese, sausages, bread, rachie (a Romanian traditional alcoholic drink) and many more at Indagrafarm Fair in Romexpo Exhibition Centre Bucharest.

homemade Romanian foods

Ginger bread from Transylvania – made with vanilla, cinnamon, coconut, cocoa and honey – at Romanian Peasant Fair.

Transylvanian gingerbread

Delicious honey – with various flavours

flavoured honey

plum marmaladeTraditional Romanian product made by an old, unchanged recipe, in a little town factory : Magiun de Prune Topoloveni (Topoloveni Plum Marmalade).

It is produced from the best quality fruits and it contains no sugar, additives and artificial flavours.

Plum Marmalade is highly recomanded to people who are not allowed to eat sugar. Or you can use it to prepare delicious cakes

Last, a traditional Romanian cake called Cozonac. We prepare it for Christmas, Easter and other special occasions. It’s very tasty and flavoured.

And this is only the beginning !

Find more interesting information about Romanian Food and recipes on Romanian Monasteries.org.

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  • Great photos Carmen! I am feeling hungry just looking at them…

    Is rachie a kind of aniseed drink? It sounds like rakı, which is traditional in Turkey.

  • I love going to food fairs and exhibitions in foreign countries, trying out new foods, seeing what makes people enthusiastic about their local fare.

    I’ve been to fairs in a number of countries, but I’ve never been to Romania. Fun to see the pictures. In Armenia honey, jams and cheese are also important products. And unripe (soft) walnuts in thick sugar syrup — unique, I think.

    Miss Footloose
    Tales of the Globetrotting Life

  • They say: better later than never. So excuse my late answer to your posts.

    Liz – rachie is made by distillation from different kinds of fruits: apples, pears, plums, and so on.

    Miss Footloose – maybe someday, in one of your writting trips, you’ll visit Romania and discover our local “colours”.

  • Lola C

    I visited Romania/Ukraine in the Fall of 2011 – my mother was from there. I especially loved the food! I can make some of it, but I’d love to know where in Oregon there is good Romanian food – I don’t think it exists! :( We were in Bucharest for 3 days – loved it!