Black and White: portraits of interracial couples

Photographer Robert Kalman is also telling cross-cultural stories, through photographs.

Robert’s Black and White project is a collection of portraits of interracial couples.

The people captured have origins in many different countries but what they have in common is that they are all in a cross-cultural or interracial relationship. Through Robert’s photographs you get a glimpse of their lives, even if only for a moment.

Photographs taken with permission from Robert Kalman.

Via Collazo Projects, who were photographed for the project. Read about it here.

UPDATE (12th October 2009): Robert Kalman has just published a book of his project, called ‘No difference between them’. It’s on sale here.

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Lucy (Liz) Chatburn
Lucy is English and first ventured out of the UK she was 19. Since then she has lived in 4 different countries and tried to see as much of the world as possible. She loves learning languages, learning about different cultures and hearing different points of view.
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  • I found your site in blogcatalog and I really loved it!

    I was going through something like that when I had a crush on one of my friends who was a western.

  • Hello and I’m glad you liked it. Thanks for sharing your experience. Thanks for your message on BlogCatalog as well!

  • You’re most welcome!
    I may send you the whole story as well but when I have the guts to tell it one day…

  • WOW how cool are those pics!

    I was in an interracial relationship with my ex :)

  • Middle Eastern: I’d love to read your story – when you’re ready of course. Maybe it can help other readers in the same situation as well.

    Laura: same for you – I’d love to hear from you if you ever feel like writing about your interracial relationship. The photos are great, aren’t they?

    I wrote to Robert Kalman to check he was ok with the post and he sent a poem which inspired the working title of the project. I really liked it:

    There was a boy
    with skin as dark
    as the earth

    & a girl with eyes
    as blue
    as the deep

    & they loved each other
    so well that people could
    not tell them apart,
    for in their hearts,
    there was
    no difference
    between them.

    No Difference – Brian Andreas

  • Hi, Liz,

    Thanks for continuing to praise my pictures. It’s been wonderful meeting so many couples and having them allow us to photograph them.

    The pictures will become a book sometime at the end of this year. I will let you know when it’s published. A wonderful writer, Heidi Durrow, has written the introduction.

    Bob Kalman

  • Thanks to you Bob! Looking forward to seeing how the book turns out.

  • janet

    i’m in a relationship with an american man. I AM AFRICAN, he works in my country, Uganda

  • janet

    Just wanted to say i love the pictures.

  • Hi Janet. Thanks so much for sharing and I’m pleased that you like the pictures! Greetings to Uganda!

  • Hi, Everyone,

    The book, “No Difference Between Them,” is now available & previewable at this link:×160

    Bob Kalman

  • leann

    I am going through a realy tough time now I need some advise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rockiemech

    i really want to lead a interracial love relationship,anyone add me, im from india(south)

  • rockiemech

    hy ,liz,im glad to contact with u about interracial relationship,would u like me,contact my mail id

  • silje

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    a little off topic, but I hope you could help me.
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