Todays sample of writing from around the world comes to us from our contributor in France, Dee.  She says that the poem is a bit difficult to translate but it is about the necessity of protecting our environment for future generations. She also points out that the beautiful mural covering an ugly grey wall is a symbol of the Renaissance. Her other notes are below.


L’ARBRE BLEU (Blue Tree)
The Arbre Bleu by the painter Pierre Alechinsky is a superb mural associated with a beautiful poem by the writer Yves Bonnefoy.
It was part of an artistic program known as Murs de l’An 2000 (Walls of Year 2000) that was put in place to celebrate the Third Millennium.
L’Arbre Bleu – The Blue tree

Regarde ce grand arbre
Et à travers lui
Il peut suffire.
Car même déchiré, souillé,
L’arbre des rues,
C’est toute la nature,
Tout le ciel,
L’oiseau s’y pose,
Le vent y bouge, le soleil
Y dit le même espoir malgré
La mort.
As-tu chance d’avoir l’arbre
Dans ta rue,
Tes pensées seront moins ardues
Tes yeux plus libres,
Tes mains plus désireuses
De moins de nuit

About the author

Marie lives in Auckland, New Zealand but was born in the United States and is a dual-national. She has lived in five countries altogether but sees New Zealand as her real home base. She loves travel, and living in multi-cultural Auckland is the next best thing to being out there.