In an article recently published on the website Global Voices, in its Spanish version, author Laura Schneider compiled a series of blog posts written by Argentinean bloggers about the country’s railway network ranging from its origins to how the railway influenced the development of town to the famous Tren a la Nubes (Train to the Clouds).

Historic La Trochita train in Esquel, Chubut. Photo credit: Laura Schneider

The article is in Spanish, however, I translated the introduction:

The Argentinean railway network, the largest in Latin America, is responsible for the creation of towns, cities, and, above all, the country’s communications and economic activity.

A few Argentinean bloggers have written posts about this means of transport created in 1855 and, by doing so, help keep all those stories alive. The blog Pan y Cielo features a very interesting article on the history and evolution of immigration.

If you’re interested in reading the whole article in Spanish, click here.


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