Here’s what some of our contributors have written lately on their personal blogs:

Phot credit: Anudarha Shankar

Mike, our contributor from Japan, posted a photo of a sea-hawk as part of his Bird Photo series.

Anu, our contributor from India, also wrote about a bird, the Indian roller.

The Indian Roller is a bird which is quite common all over India, especially Southern India. It is the State bird of Karnataka, and we saw it quite often on our visit to Hampi, Aihole, and Badami.

Celia, our new contributor from Kazakhstan, wrote about plans to build a giant dome over the government and financial districts of the capital city of Astana.

It’s begun snowing quite a lot in the past week, and it’s getting colder. But according to a recent news article, local architects are interested in building a giant dome over the government and financial area of Kazakhstan’s capital. The article claims this is already being done in Houston, where a mile-wide dome would enclose “a business center, green areas, and luxury housing,” protecting us poor Americans from tropical winds and oppressive heat waves.

Ana, contributing editor, wrote about exploring new aspects of her hometown of Buenos Aires.

Whoever said that you never really know a city was right. I’m still discovering new aspects and parts of Buenos Aires, even though I lived there for over thirty years. Maybe that’s why there are so many places I haven’t seen: one tends to take one’s hometown for granted.


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