A submarino, submarine, consists of a tall glass of hot milk, a bar of chocolate para taza (drinking chocolate) and a long spoon. It’s delicious and fun to make.

The other day, we were in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a couple of friends from the US. My husband ordered a submarino. One of our friends wanted to know what that was, we told him and he proceeded to order one. He enjoyed it so much that they bought chocolate para taza to make submarinos at home in the US.

When you order a submarino at a cafe, the waiter will bring you hot milk in a tall glass and a bar of chocolate. You unwrap the chocolate, drop it in the milk and stir. As the chocolate melts, the milk changes colour and voila! your drink is ready. Make sure to spoon out the bits of semi-melted chocolate that sink to the bottom.

The submarino is usually accompanied by medialunas (the  sweeter and denser local type of croissants) or facturas – especially churros- . It’s perfect for wintry days, or whenever you need something comforting.

There is even a brand of chocolate that makes bars in the shape of a submarine! How much fun is that!

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