The Librería de Ávila is located on the corner of Adolfo Alsina and Bolivar Streets in one of the oldest areas of Buenos Aires, across from the renowned Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires. Initially it was called Libreria del Colegio (College’s Bookshop) because of its location and was opened in 1777 by Professor Francisco Salvio Marull.

Downstairs showroom

Sadly, the 1775 building was demolished in 1926 and the present construction was built in the eclectic style. Although under different owners, a bookshop has functioned on the same spot since then, making it the oldest shop of its kind in the city of Buenos Aires. Ávila is the current owner’s name, who bought the business in 1994.


As well as a business, it is a tourist attraction. I visited it earlier this year and was able to browse and snap photos to me heart’s content. They buy and sell out-of-print, rare and second-hand books from Argentina and the world.

Street view


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