August 24 was declared National Reader’s Day in Argentina as a tribute to Jorge Luis Borges, who was born on August 24, 1899 in Buenos Aires. Borges is the most influential and famous Argentinean author and he was an avid reader as well.

The idea behind this is that of promoting both reading and the strengthening of democratic values through activities that honor and spread the works of the renowned author. Democracies need discerning readers who can understand and interpret modern texts by decoding meaning and intentions, not just by glancing at a jumble of written symbols.

In his poem “The Reader “(El lector) Borges wrote “Let others boast about the pages they have written, let me take pride in the pages I’ve read” (my own translation of “Que otros se jacten de las páginas que han escrito, a mí me enorgullecen las que he leído”)

Are you going to celebrate Reader’s Day too? Do you prefer to read e-books or printed books?

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