1. The country was founded, in a large part, by a single company. The Hudson’s Bay Company started in 1670 as a fur trading business. It sent explorers and trappers across the land and settlers followed. They are responsible for starting settlements and ports, discovering water ways, and starting relations with the First Nations groups. The company still exists today as a retail store.


2. Our name “Canada” was established through miscommunication. “Kanada” was an aboriginal word for “village”. The Europeans mistook it to mean the entire nation.


3. Hockey is only one of our National Sports and was not until 1994. Popular opinion once named Lacrosse the national sport, in 1864, but nowadays, even Canadians need to be reminded of it.  Lacrosse is played on a field. Players each have a stick with a net on one end to catch and throw the ball.


4. Canada is still part of the British Commonwealth. Our Queen is the Queen of England. The position is a figurehead. While our laws and bills are passed in Parliament, everything must then be signed by the Queen’s appointed Governor General.


5. During the War of 1812 with our neighbours to the south, Canadian troops burned down the White House. Sorry!


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