If our survey is anything to go by, food is a popular topic so, even though June doesn’t technically start for another couple of days, we thought we’d kick in early on Picture Postcards to see what everyone is eating for lunch. Here is my contribution from New Zealand.

In some places, such as in North America, the word ‘pie’ conjures up ideas of sweet desserts. Here in New Zealand a pie is almost always savoury. They come filled with meat, fish or veggies and are quite popular for a stay-at-home dinner, or an on-the-run lunch.

What do you eat for lunch in your country?

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About the author

Marie lives in Auckland, New Zealand but was born in the United States and is a dual-national. She has lived in five countries altogether but sees New Zealand as her real home base. She loves travel, and living in multi-cultural Auckland is the next best thing to being out there.