Bets made. The awaited game started. We were cautiously optimistic. Though we had been successful in the last encounters with the Chileans, we respected their team and their attack. Not a defensive team at all, one that was not afraid of moving forward.

WorldCup - Brazil x Chile (6)

In the beginning, I was still uneasy. Chile started fast forward and dangerous. However, as we progressed, it seemed our old Brazilian Team was back on track. People say that gradually improving one’s game in the World Cup is part of the deal. However, we are always in the look for a kind of samba soccer, full of dribbles and skillfully played game. Our Team’s coach Dunga, though, seems to have a more pragmatic view of the game, an offensive, efficient one, but not necessarily made of fancy flicks.

WorldCup - Brazil x Chile (10)

As Juan masterfully scored the first goal, the team was more at ease. The Brazilian players were free. Free to create, to play the way they do best, to counter-attack. Chile was dismantled. They tried hard, but as we held our breath in a gasp of excitement every time Brazil was near the net, the Brazilian players showed the last three years of hard work, their camaraderie and willingness to move forward with the aim at the finals. At the end of the game, we were relieved and completely ecstatic to see that we are in good hands with our coach and players. Oh, yes, there’s caution, but we are certainly more on the optimistic side! A surmountable anxiety is going to scale as we approach Friday, our next game, against the Dutch, who are showing a great performance in the games. However, we are believers! Go Brazil! Or should I scream/keep tweeting Goooaaaal Brazil!

The celebration on the streets is getting bigger and bigger. 3 x 1 was my bet. I was exhilarating with the final score 3 x 0 even having lost some Reais (our Brazilian currency). How about Brazil against Holland? What should be my bet? What’s your bet?

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