This time we did it more elegantly, with swing and vivacity. The Brazilian Team was a different one with a powerful defensive opponent, Côte D’Ivoire – Drogba’s team. I had a bet that the score would be 3×1, and got it right. Luis Fabiano, whom we call the Fabulous One, had the ball in the net twice (though one of those was unquestionably done with the help of his arm). Another goal by Elano. We cheered, we felt that Brazil was calmer, more structured. We were disappointed to see so many violent fouls and we felt that Kaká’s expelling was unfair. Anyhow, we were successful in one more game.

World Cup - BrazilxCotedIvoire (21)

We knew we could influence the score even at a distance. For example, today, one of our friends arrived at my house wearing a brown t-shirt. “No way!”. We told him to go to one of the street vendors and buy a Brazilian jersey. Otherwise, we’d be unlucky and would never forgive him. Another one was wearing red. “No way! Grab your yellow and green jersey and put it on”. We were in desperate need of a goal. T-shirt on, we were ready to celebrate our first goal. Superstitions apart, everywhere, we celebrate, trusting that we can go far, and we do hope to keep moving forward in full steam, full of swing and the word of the moment in our mouths: “goooooooool”!

World Cup - BrazilxCotedIvoire (49)

All that cheerfulness sparkled with good beer, loud laughs around friends, and wonderful Brazilian barbecue. The World Cup couldn’t be better! There’s no other place in the world I’d like to be during those hours of pure joy. More to come on the 25th. Go Brazil!

World Cup - BrazilxCotedIvoire (2)

WorldCup - Barbecue and Beer

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