No one feels the pulse of a city like its cabbies.

Beijing taxi ride
Beijing taxi ride: credit

Miao Wang’s film Beijing Taxi will show Beijing’s and China’s road to modernisation through the eyes of three Beijing taxi drivers: the jovial optimist, the young mother with a free spirit and the veteran driver with a lost youth.

The film (still in production) has also found an original way to fund itself. Beijing Taxi’s production will be financed by its own fans, in an online crowdfunding experiment (details here). Sponsors of the film get rewards (such as a signed DVD of the film) based on the amount of their donation.

The film will surely show some interesting and original perspectives on China’s rapid growth. But some of the cabbies’ comments could also be true of life in many cities around the world.

“Modern life demands more… life quality has improved… psychologically the pace of life is faster, there’s more pressure.”

Watch the trailer here

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