If you’re interested in new music from different parts of the globe you’ll love Al Jazeera’s Playlist series which looks at original and surprising musical fusions from all over the world. I just watched a recent episode which explores some of the interesting fusion music coming out of Japan.

Japanese girl band Pistol ValveBands featured include Asakusa Jinta with a modern take on Japanese street music; ex-fisherman rockers Gyoko; girl band Pistol Valve; The Yoshida Brothers and their rock version of traditional shamizen music; Omodaka with their enka meets gameboy soundtrack.

Omodaka’s version of Cantata No 147 synthesised on a Nintendo Gameboy even makes Bach sound 21st Century.

Image: Pistol Valve (credit: Mr Malinois)

To watch the series online go here or subscribe via iTunes podcast directory. On a side note, these programmes are also useful for language learners as the interviews are subtitled rather than dubbed.

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