Tata’s long awaited Nano, the small car which will bring car ownership within reach of thousands of Indian families, may transform the profile of the auto industry. While car manufacturers in other countries cut forecasts, this low cost car is predicted to increase Indian car sales by 20%.

There has been much debate about the environmental effects of many new car owners in fast growing countries such as India and China.

Wired magazine joined in, publishing this article exploring the impact of a nano explosion on the streets and air of India’s cities, as well as exploding some myths about the much-hyped little car (no, it’s not made of plastic)

One thing is clear though: in terms of emissions the Nano will be one of the cleanest cars around.

It complies with Euro IV emissions standards and according to the Nano website, the car has lower emissions than the two wheelers being manufactured in India today (currently three quarters of India’s vehicles are two wheeled scooters).

Its 47mpg is also extremely efficient (compare that to US average mpg of 17.2.)

Looks like India’s transport revolution will be cleaner than the West’s.

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