Modern day Mongolians may be steadily migrating towards the cities, following similar trends in developing countries around the world, but in the past they belonged in the Central Asian steppes and spent much time on horseback.

Traditional Mongolian clothing reflects this lifestyle. It is simple, practical, comfortable and uses materials like wool, silk, felt and sheepskin for keeping warm in winter. Discover Mongolia has this article about traditional Mongolian clothing.

An interesting essay from Designing Art Studio’s website explores the way Mongolian dress has changed through history. In the past Mongolian horsemen and women carried out raids into China, Persia, Russia and Turkey and the essay illustrates the way these conquests affected traditional attire.

Photo: Mongolian boots from Laohats

Once you’ve digested all the background info, take a look at Laohats, where Heather has dissected a pair of Mongolian boots (see photo) so she can explain how to make them. That’s right, you too can be the proud owner of a pair of hand-made Mongolian boots …made by your very own hands!

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Professional Mongolian women photographed by artist Grace Gelder


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