Lonely Planet is well known for its travel guides to different countries of the world.


The Travel Book is a bit different though. It contains a two page summary for every country in the world! Along with stunning photos there is a mention for the main sights and experiences, tips on where to learn more about the country – books, films etc – and even a couple of words in the local language.

It’s an ambitious project but very nicely done, and a perfect (although obviously a bit superficial) introduction to all those countries you might have heard of but don’t really know anything about…

Lonely Planet’s online shop will ship for free to anywhere in the world, if you spend enough.


About the author

Lucy is English and first ventured out of the UK she was 19. Since then she has lived in 4 different countries and tried to see as much of the world as possible. She loves learning languages, learning about different cultures and hearing different points of view.