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How we celebrate New Year in Portugal

As you know, I’m living in the Netherlands where I spent my last New Year. If I had gone to Portugal during the festivities, it would be as follows:

Portuguese New Year Traditions

I would have bought:

Champagne and 12 raisins:

One for each month of the year. You should ask a wish for each.

Bolo-Rei (literally: King Cake):

This traditional Portuguese cake is usually eaten between Christmas (25th December) and Dia de Reis (literally Kings’ Day) on the 6th January.

Bolo Rei
Bolo Rei. Credit.

If you are in Lisbon, go to Confeitaria Nacional in the city’s downtown. This very beautiful tea house is the place par excellence to taste and buy the best Portuguese “Bolo Rei”. In the same family for five generations, they brought the recipe of the “Gateau des Rois” from France in the second half of the 19th century. Until today, this recipe is a very well kept secret.


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Iceland burns into the new year

Sunrise in Reykjavík was 11am this morning, and sunset at 4.11pm. However the lights are still on, and Iceland Eyes is here to tell us about it.

Most impressive is the photo of the new year’s eve brenna or bonfire. But there are many more interesting photos and observations.

Photo of New Years Eve bonfire from Icelandic Eyes

Iceland Eyes is also a finalist in the Best European blog category of the 2008 Weblog Awards. I think voting ends today but if you’re quick you may still be able to get your vote in!

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