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Meet Sevcan, working mum and organic pioneer

This interview is the first in a new series on People of the World where we’ll meet locals from all over the world who run small businesses. Hope you enjoy it! If you know a small, local business you think we should profile then please write to us!

Today we’re meeting Sevcan, who was born in the UK but has lived in Turkey since the age of 13. She’s a mother of two who runs a natural cosmetics company together with her husband, using her cross-cultural savvy to bring new products to the Turkish market.

What is your business?

Our company’s name is Burmino, our aim is to bring certified, high quality, eco friendly products, to improve the quality of our lives and the world we live in. We are the exclusive distributor for Skin Blossom UK who are a skin care company who make safe, affordable, effective organic skin and hair care, because we believe everyone is entitled to healthy, beautiful skin.

February 28, 2013 1 comment

What buttons can tell you about Italian society

When I was a child, one of my favourite pastimes was playing with my grandma’s button tin. Over the years she had collected hundreds of buttons, and I used to tip them out onto the carpet and spend hours arranging and admiring them.

Giorgio Galavotti, founder, owner and curator of the Museo del Bottone (Button museum), has spent a lifetime playing with buttons. For years he ran a button shop, setting up the museum when he retired, so he could share his passion with others. The buttons on display are mostly from the shop, as well as buttons brought along by friends and locals who raided their own button tins after he opened the museum. When I ask Giorgio if he has favourites he looks a bit schocked. “They are all my children” he says.

I learn that my grandma’s button tin was not unique “every house had one, and it’s a classic childhood story, playing with the button tin”


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Global goes local

At PocketCultures we love to hear it from the locals. That’s why we’re building a team of regional contributors from all over the world to bring you insights into their countries and cultures.

And if you’re into travel, or just like reading about different places, here are two cool projects where you can get your city guide from the locals.

Spotted by Locals

Spotted by Locals is a network of city blogs covering 22 European cities. The regulars like Paris, Rome and Barcelona are there, but they also cover some cities that get less coverage. Ljubljana, Zagreb and even Antwerp are all places where knowing a local would definitely come in handy!

Each city blog is brought to you by a team of ‘spotters’ who write about their favourite hangouts and travel tips. Because they’re updated regularly you can be sure of getting up to date information.

Metelkova Ljubljana
Metelkova, Ljubljana by Eva Taucar – Spotted by Locals

This is my City

This is my City is a trip by tv making duo Thomas and Tim. They’ve planned a world tour of 8 cities, and in (almost) each place they have managed to enlist a local who will act as their tour guide. They will be filming their escapades and you can watch the pilot (in Reykjavik, Iceland) here.

One condition of their trip? They will not refuse anything their host suggests:

Exposing yourself to local customs and really getting into the way of life might make you uncomfortable. But being a little uncomfortable is not a bad thing. Our rule isn’t about being stupid or reckless, it’s about being always open. If snorting wasabi naked in a snowstorm is something that the locals actually do, we’re up for it.

they said, in this interview with Matador. Sounds like they will be having some crazy adventures, but that kind of open mind is just what you need to get your head around another country’s culture.

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