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Some things I found strange the first time I went to England

All Italian people love England, especially London: many of my friends tell me that their plan for 2013 is to go there, at least for a weekend or a short period, but definitely all parts of England (and United Kingdom) are a “must go 2013 destination” for someone.

I was lucky to spend 6 months in Manchester for my Exchange (Erasmus) experience, and I must say it was the first time I set foot in England.

Obviously, as a language student, I previously made my research, and I was also obliged -during my secondary school years – to learn by heart not only all the main monuments in London, but also the most important historical events and the main capital cities of the UK.


January 23, 2013 1 comment

Picture Postcards: Sunset in Blackpool, England

Let’s look at sunsets around the world this month! Our first one is from our Contributing Editor, Ana, who has been visiting Blackpool, England.

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Hand gestures from around the world

Hand gestures play an essential role in nonverbal communication. However, the same gesture may have different meanings -or even none- in different cultures. This collaborative post is an effort to bridge that gap.

India – Namaste

namaste gesture

Namaste (India)

Namaste literally means “I bow down to you”, or “Salutations to you”, but it is used in the sense a handshake is used in the western world. For us, no matter whether the person we greet is older or younger, important or not, a man or a woman, he/she has to be greeted with due respect, and the most common way is to join our hands as you can see my son doing in the image, and say, “Namaste”.  When we are greeting an older person or someone important, we bow down a bit. This shows the additional respect due to that person. (more…)

September 14, 2011 12 comments

From our contributors: 9 August

Another week, another roundup of posts published by our contributors on their personal blogs.

From Anu, one of our contributors from India: Sky Watch Friday – Skies over Mumbai, a city skyline during Monsoon season.

Jason, our contributor from US West Coast, writes about Bolivia’s natural diversity in From Freezing Glaciers to Steaming Cloudforests: El Chorro Trek (more…)

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The Royal Wedding and Britain’s north-south divide

Last Friday the UK celebrated the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, otherwise known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The day was designated as a special public holiday so most people had the day off work.

Kate and William
The happy couple


May 6, 2011 4 comments

Picture Postcards: Wedding Cake in the UK

This week’s image representing love around the world is of a special kind of wedding cake Liz at Pocketcultures saw in the UK. It’s made up of wheels of cheese! She says this may be a current trend in the UK. What about in your country?

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Portuguese New Year Cake
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February 14, 2011 3 comments