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Tour de France 2012 in Souillac in south-west France

Souillac is situated between Sarlat and Rocamadour in the department of Lot in south-west France and was one of the towns traversed by the riders of the 99th edition of the Tour de France on July 20 during Stage 18.

Tour de France 2012, Stage 18 in Souillac, Sponsors

On that day the 153 remaining riders  covered 222,5km from Blagnac-Toulouse to Brive la Gaillarde.

The stage was essentially flat with only four climbs (Côte de Saint-Georges, Cahors , Souillac and Lissac-sur-Couze).

Riders had gone through three weeks of racing and 14 teams had not had a stage win, so the pressure for doing well on this stage was quite high.

The stage started fast as it took only 21 kilometres for an escape group to form, but at the 120 kilometres mark a dog ran across the road causing a crash in the peloton involving the riders Gilbert (BMC), Menchov (KAT), Farrar (GRS) and Vichot (FDJ) who fortunately were not injured and were able to ride again.

Lead group with the Green Jersey and the Polka-Dot Jersey

The first attack from the front runners came from David Millar (GRS) with 43 kilometres to go but he was caught up. The escapees had an advantage of just 1’35″ with 37km to go and Millar was credited as the rider who did the most work at the front of the escape.

All the riders gave their most but despite all their effort Cavendish (SKY), who had received a perfect lead-out from Bradley Wiggins and his other teammates, started an amazing sprint 300 metres from the line and gave his team a 4th stage win in the Tour de France 2012.

Wiggins ended 19th.

Tour de France, parade of the sponsors known as Caravane du Tour de France

Tour de France, parade of the sponsors known as Caravane du Tour de France

The Tour de France always has the same magic, no matter if you are interested or not in biking as it is not only a major sport event but a cultural one.

Its popularity seems to cross the borders as more and more foreign riders win it. Locals and holiday makers arrive hours in advance to get the best place along the roads and patiently wait for hours to see their champion and the other riders run past like rockets!

The attention goes up one notch or two as soon as the helicopter that follows the riders is heard and seen in the sky…they are just round the corner…

Cameras are ready and everyone starts shooting or recording.

The spectacle lasts only a few minutes then it is all over…but it is worth every minute!
The show is not only with the riders but also with the Sponsors’ Caravane which precedes the riders by about an hour.

It seems to improve year by year as the sponsors compete for ideas and ingenuity to produce the finest decoration for their cars.

The crowds eagerly await the distribution of gadgets and gifts that are thrown from the cars.

Caravane du Tour de France: Sponsors parading and throwing gadgets and mini gifts to the crowds

Tour de France: Sponsors parading and throwing gadgets and mini gifts to the crowds

Everyone takes to the game, children and adults, and engage in a true scuffle to grab the goodies in mid-air!

Vittel, the official water of the Tour, always parades last and traditionally sprays the spectators with water. It is great fun and everyone expects it, and it can be quite welcome on a sunny and hot day!

It is always very amusing to watch the faces of those who return home with a wealth of gifts!

2012 was the 99th edition of the Tour de France, a major annual cycling event which was first staged in 1903 and which covers over 3600 kilometres in 21 days.

Parade of the sponsors...

Parade of the sponsors, PMU.FR the official sponsor of the Green Jersey

This year event It started with the Prologue on Saturday, June 30 – 6.4 kilometres Liège-Liège.

The riders started Stage 1 on Sunday, July 1 – 198 kilometres from Liège to Seraing and ended with Stage 20 on Sunday, July 22 – 120 kilometres from Rambouillet to Paris Champs-Élysées.

Stage 18 day’s winner was Cavendish (SKY) , the Yellow Jersey Braddley Wiggins (SKY), Green Jersey Sagan (LIQ), Polka-Dot Jersey Voeckler (EUC) and White Jersey Van Garde (BMC).

The overall individual winner of the Tour de France 2012 was Bradley Wiggins (SKY), the first ever British winner of the event, and Cavendish won his fourth successive victory in Paris!

The first French was Thibaut Pinot (FDJ), the youngest rider in the Tour 2012 -20 year old- who qualified for the 10th place in the general classification. A young rider to follow closely next year…during the 100th edition!


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Catching the Tour de France in Brittany

Mardi Gras – Carnival Season

Wind energy industry in France

August 10, 2012 2 comments

Catching the Tour de France in Brittany

Tour de France Dinan-Lisieux stage on 7 July 2011

The Tour de France is one of the most popular sporting events in France.

First staged in 1903, the annual cycling race covers over 3600 km in 21 days.

Departure Marxhix
Departure Dinan-Lisieux stage


July 12, 2011 4 comments

The Best Commute in the World

It starts early in the week when I type an appointment in my work calendar for 4:30 p.m. Friday: “Bike ride home.”  Just the act of typing those words puts a smile on my face because I’ve just blocked that time from any meetings and I’ve got all week to look forward to a glorious bike commute home over San Francisco’s famous Golden Gate Bridge.

On the commute home via the Golden Gate Bridge

Friday morning I get my gear ready: the bike pants, the windbreaker, the gloves, the iPod, the helmet, the Camelbak, and the sunglasses.  Since I live 25 miles away in Marin County and there’s no shower at work, this is only a one-way commute. I jump on the bike-rack enabled commuter bus in the morning and head southward towards The City by the Bay with all the other gas-guzzling suburban commuters. (more…)

May 25, 2011 6 comments

Bicycle culture (and subculture) in the USA

Abroad, a lot of people conceptualize America as a “car-culture”. And they are, in large part, correct. It’s estimated that as many as 1 of every 6 jobs in the US is either directly or indirectly related to the auto industry. America’s rise to global economic stardom can be tied to the auto industry as well, along with the fossil fuel, agricultural, and arms industries. It’s hard to say for certain which came first, Americans’ propensity towards ultra-individualism, or the car, but they definitely are a marriage made in heaven.

My bike! (A hybrid)Something that doesn’t get a lot of press internationally is the growing number of people in the USA who don’t own cars at all. Especially in larger cities, where public transportation is available, the combination of higher gas prices, parking fees, maintenance fees, inevitable parking tickets, road rage, and environmental impact are making it more and more attractive to explore non-auto options for transportation. As of 2009 35 million people in the USA took public transportation of some kind every weekday, not including people who walk or bicycle. Bicycle commuters in the USA are becoming a larger and larger demographic. In fact, in Portland Oregon, over 5% of commuter trips are taken on a bicycle. In the city of Chicago, where I reside, the number is much lower (1.15%) but that’s a 129% increase between 2000 and 2009, and all indications are that the number keeps going up.


May 20, 2011 1 comment