Recently I had the privelege of interviewing Malaysian author Tash Aw for the review site Bookmunch.

To research his latest novel Five Star Billionaire the author spent some time in Shanghai, and in the interview he contrasts the move to China with his earlier experiences of living in London.

“Malaysians who are ethnically Chinese assume a certain degree of familiarity with China – language, food, etc – so the day-to-day elements of life don’t require a big adjustment. The main difference is that in China, I don’t stand out physically – it’s easier to blend in and not be noticed until I have to engage in a meaningful way with Chinese society. Even in Malaysia, which is a very multi-racial society, I don’t have that sense of looking like everyone else around me. Walking into a country pub anywhere in the UK obviously isn’t going to involve the same level of anonymity for me”

He also has interesting things to say about the evolution of the South East Asian novel and literary scene in general. Please go to Bookmunch to read the interview.

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