Aledys Ver is originally from Argentina but now lives in Zwolle, in the Netherlands. She was swept off her feet by the man who later became her husband, who whisked her away to distant lands. She tells the story here.

Zwolle in winter (photo by Aledys Ver)

In her blog, From Argentina to the Netherlands for Love, Aledys writes about everyday life in the Netherlands, her travels around the country, local traditions like the Elfstedentocht, recipes from Argentina like the recipe for alfajores cordobeses or tales from her beloved city of Córdoba. She takes lots of great photos too.

Aledys’ voyage of discovery in her adopted country hasn’t always been easy but she manages to make the most of it and blend both cultures to create her own style.

Aledys keeps a sister blog in Spanish too: Una argentina en Holanda

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About the author

Ana Astri-O’Reilly is from Argentina, where she lived until five years ago. She currently lives in Dallas, USA with her British husband, but they move a lot. Previously a translator and English and Spanish teacher, Ana first started writing to share her experiences and adventures with friends and family. She speaks Spanish, English and a smattering of Portuguese.