Picture Postcards: Costa Rican lunch

Today’s photo is from Nuria in Costa Rica. It’s a typical Costa Rican lunch dish called casado.

According to Nuria, this is just one variation of casado. She wrote:

It is basically made of rice, beans, meat (either beef, fish, chicken or pork), salad and plantains. The one in the picture has rice, refried beans with chips, beef with lots of onions on top of it, tortillas, plantain and “chimichurri” (tomatoes and cilantro with lime juice). It is delicious!

Check back next week for the last photo in our Picture Postcards lunch series.

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  • Argentinean chimichurri is different: chopped parsley and garlic, red pepper flakes, oil and vinegar. We eat it with beef yum! How interesting that you have a different version in Costa Rica (just like the carajillo!)

  • Looks delicious! We don’t really have these kind of set meals in England. The only one I can think of is Ploughman’s lunch, which is just a kind of salad with a piece of cheese.

  • Nuria

    @Ana: So interesting! :) I would like to try the Argentinian chimichurri one day jiji
    @Lucy: In England you basically have sandwiches for lunch, don’t you?

  • Yes, we usually have sandwiches. It’s so normaly that when I moved to Spain I was quite surprised to find that noone there considers a sandwich to be a proper lunch! At the weekend we would be more likely to eat a cooked meal; in my family we often had a roast dinner for sunday lunch, for example.