Las Fallas is a festival in Valencia, Spain, that I strongly recommend to anyone who enjoys art, fire and noise. This famous fiesta is one of the most famous festivals in Spain and attracts people from all over the world who want to witness the burning of these ephemeral sculptures.

Ninot (photo by R. Rodrigo)

Only during the Fallas, you can see huge cardboard, wood and plaster sculptures called ninots that are on display all over the streets of Valencia. These sculptures usually portray current events, famous people and, many times, corrupt Spanish polititians. It takes months to create a ninot, but it is an art that will only last for the few days of the festival. Then, during the event called cremà, the ninots are set on fire. Only the winners will be saved from the fire and will be kept in the Fallas museum.

Manto de la virgen (photo by R. Rodrigo)

During Fallas, our Lady of Forsaken (Virgen de los desamparados) receives many ofrendas florales, an act of devotion (see picture) consisting of offering flowers. These flowers will be displayed in a huge wooden structure more than 12 metres high.

Mascleta (photo by R. Rodrigo)

You can also experience a mascletà, a massive display of fireworks. I recommend this event only if you enjoy noise! The biggest one is held in the Plaça de l’Ajuntament. And, last but not least, you can’t leave Valencia without savouring an authentic paella, that was invented there, or typical tapas or chocolate con churros from Spain.

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About the author

Marta Garcia grew up in Barcelona, Spain, and has also studied in Belgium and the UK. She works as a professional translator, translating English, French and Italian into Spanish and Catalan.