Picture Postcards: Wedding Cake in the UK

This week’s image representing love around the world is of a special kind of wedding cake Liz at Pocketcultures saw in the UK. It’s made up of wheels of cheese! She says this may be a current trend in the UK. What about in your country?

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  • Thanks for choosing my photo Marie! It’s from my friend Hannah’s wedding. It was the second UK wedding within a few months to have a cheese cake. The ext two weddings I went to had chocolate cakes, so it seems the traditional fruit cake is definitely out of fashion!

  • Is it a traditional cheesecake or is it made of stacks of Cheddar cheese?? It looks fabulous, by the way. I’d definitely eat it :)

  • Each layer is a different kind of cheese. We got to eat them, but I can’t remember what they all were. One was goat cheese though!