What’s for breakfast where you are? In some countries, sweet foods are the norm. In others, breakfast is always savoury. Sometimes it’s a light meal, other times it’s a filling dish that will keep you going for many hours.

Selected from our previous posts and photos posted in our Picture Postcards photo group, here’s what PocketCultures readers and contributors around the world are eating for breakfast.


Photo by Marcello

The classic Italian breakfast of cappuccino and brioche (also called pasta) is eaten in the bar. Breakfast at home is biscuits and milky coffee for most Italians.


Turkish breakfast
Photo by Lucy

The Turkish kahvaltı tabağı (breakfast plate) usually includes cheese, butter, tomatoes, cucumber and olives. It’s eaten with plenty of bread and jam.


Cafe con leche con medialunas, the typical Argentinean breakfast
Photo by Ana.

Cafe con leche y medialunas, the typical Argentinian breakfast. Not too different from the Italian one, right?


Photo by Kitty

Kitty says: In Thailand we eat them with sweet condensed milk for breakfast.


Breakfast in Japan
Photo by Lucy

Read the discussion in our post on Traditional Japanese breakfast.


Nasi Goreng
Nasi Goreng, by sambayogi

She said: My favorite breakfast ever! Indonesia fried rice topped with an egg

Costa Rica

gallo-pinto from Costa Rica
Photo by Nuria

Read more about Costa Rica’s typical breakfast dish in Nuria’s post on Gallo Pinto.

New Zealand

veggie brekky
Photo by Marie

The Kiwi big breakfast is popular for brunch at the weekends in New Zealand cafes.


American Breakfast
US breakfast, by xiaojhuli

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