Traditionally the Japanese diet is rich in foods like rice, fish, vegetables and seaweed and is considered to be one of the more healthy diets of the world. However in recent years this has changed. Nowadays Japanese people eat more meat and fat, like in many other developed nations.

This worries the government and so the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has commissioned a groovy animated video to educate people about the problem.


The worry is not only that the diet of modern day Japanese people is more unhealthy, but also that it has made Japan very dependent on imported food. Currently 60% of the food supply is imported from outside Japan.

As this food comes from only a small number of different countries the government is concerned that in case of problems elsewhere in the world Japan might not be able to get enough to eat.

Going back to a fish-heavy diet may not solve this particular problem, however. Today Japan is the highest net fish importer in the world so increased consumption presumably means more imports.


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