Picture Postcards: A doorway in Hoi An, Vietnam

Today’s eye-catching doorway was snapped by our Australia contributor, Liz, in Hoi An, Vietnam.

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Natalie: An Australian filling in the missing links to her own story in Vietnam

In this People of the World post, we have the pleasure to get to know Natalie Anderson. Natalie was raised in Australia, but now lives in Vietnam with her husband and three year old daughter. In this Q&A, we talk with Natalie about living in Vietnam, her studies on second generation Australians with immigrant family backgrounds, raising a multicultural 3-year old in Vietnam and how important it is to fill in the missing “links” to your own story through your family heritage.

First off, please tell us a little about yourself

I was born in Singapore to an Australian father and Vietnamese mother. We lived all over Australia when I was growing up and we frequently travelled overseas. When I graduated from university I spent several years travelling around the world, and was based in London for about 4 years, returning to Melbourne to complete my Masters in Language and Cultural Studies – case studies on second-generation Australians from immigrant family backgrounds (from Greece, Italy, China, Vietnam, Turkey and Lebanon) about their cultural heritage and the impact of this on their concept of self-identity. I also worked as a researcher at a social welfare organisation dealing with young people and families from CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) backgrounds.


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Virtual Vietnam

We do not know much about who’s behind Tell me about Hanoi, but it is a good source of photos and stories about Hanoi and Vietnam.

Be patient with the ads, behind them are lurking interesting posts with insights into Vietnamese culture. Check this post for some beautiful photos of autumn in Hanoi.

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